Points to Ponder When Importing Cars From The States to Canada


Sometimes, what our minds align to in terms of the car we ride can be very far-fetched. Well, if your dream car is on the other side of the Canadian border, which is quite natural owing to the glamorous car industry in the USA, then importing your ride all the way home can be a little tricky.

The import of vehicles involves a long chain of official procedures and paperwork that should be taken care of. It requires a lot of time and walking in and out of government agencies. It is always advisable to take the service from a professional company like Clearit Canada for the quick import of your vehicle.

One of the most common search words related to importing a car into Canada is ‘itn number request canada’ which has been entered millions of times by US car lovers in Canada. So, what exactly is ITN and why is it so important? To understand this, you should know the basic procedures of imports between the US and Canada.

Let us look at some basic details pertaining to the import of cars into Canada.

The process can be broadly classified into two steps:

  • Getting export clearance from the USA
  • Taking import clearance from Canada

To obtain the former, you will have to submit a series of papers and documents (listed below) to the US Customs and Border Protection Agency.

  • The original title
  • Bill of sale
  • Recall clearance letter
  • Export certificates
  • AES documents

AES stands for Automated Export System which is aimed at automating the exports out of the US. But the export-related data should be entered into the AES at least 72 hours prior to the export date. This is because the system takes roughly 3 days to process the data and securely transfer the details to the other country’s border security agencies.

After successful completion of data entry into the AES, an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) will be provided that must be transferred for starting the 72-hour notice period for export.

It is obvious from the above-discussed procedures that getting the import clearance for your vehicle from the USA to Canada is not something that anybody can do. It requires knowledge and experience in the long documentation procedures and intricate paperwork.

Therefore, smart people associate with experienced companies like Clearit Canada to import their dream car from the states hassle-free. Do not burden yourself with the official paperwork and enjoy the excitement of getting your new car while expert import brokers take care of the formalities.

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