Reasons Why You Should Consider a Customs Broker for Customs Clearance


If it’s your first time exporting/importing goods across the US border, then you will be surprised by the amount of paperwork and documentation involved. Even for people doing their own customs clearance for some time, it is not an easy process. Most businesspersons tend to waste a lot of time and effort in doing and redoing the paperwork with the US Customs.

This is quite an unnecessary waste of energy and money, not to mention the invaluable time that could be saved by taking assistance from a reputed customs broker firm like Clearit USA. All you have to do is log onto and register your freight for transport.

Clearing the long and tiring processes of US customs requires a great deal of patience and time, along with an insight into the export/import laws.

The main problem arising from the clearance of your goods will be the paperwork related to its contents and their environmental safety concerns.

There should be clear-cut declarations regarding the content of your goods. Also, make sure to abide by all the US environmental laws relating to the transport of your goods.

Regardless of the mode of transport, by air or by sea or by truck, these laws have to be strictly followed and approved by the concerned customs officials.

Chances are high that this intricate paperwork can go incomplete or have some mistakes if you do it yourself. This is because of the complex nature of customs laws and duties.

Another issue is the different types of tax tariffs and customs duties applicable on different goods. If your cargo has a wide range of products that belong to different classes of tax tariff, then calculating the total tax tariff and customs duties on the cargo alone can be a tedious task.

To complicate things even further, some of the taxes vary according to the province to which the goods are being sent. Also, free trade concessions should be added to your bills to save money on taxes.

Any mistakes or noncompliance to the above-mentioned documentation might not only result in the rejection of your customs clearance request but also huge financial losses.

So, in order to save the trouble of rework and help your cargo get faster and easier clearance, it is best to hire an experienced customs broker who will guide you through all the complicated processes of customs clearance.

In conclusion, to take the easy route around the complex import/export customs clearance from the US Customs, it is best to leave the job to customs brokerage firms.

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