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Pfiffige Zahlungserinnerung or translated as Smart Payment reminder, you notify your client about the delayed expense that has not been made on time. You end up bidding bill reminder the client clears the amount to request for payment. It is not easy to track and remind funny delinquent clients again and again, who always creates an issue when making payments. But instead, you build an effective email template reminder that assures that your defaulting customer delivers your invoice due as soon as possible.

What Do I Include in Payment Reminder?

Remember, smart Payment reminder should incorporate:

  • Company name
  • Company contact information
  • Total balance
  • Due date
  • An attached invoice

One Week Before Due Date

When creating your request for payment reminder timeline, for smart payment reminder, it’s important to be assertive. Sending a friendly email or text for your clients five to seven days before the due date is common courtesy and will give them some time to ask any questions they may have on the invoice.

It’s best practice to provide request for payment for a nicely formulated invoice as soon as the assistance is completed. However, it’s also a good idea to reattach the invoice for straightforward access in all of your follow-up emails. Some times the clients do not remember to pay or lose their invoice. You can check free sample of bill reminder for defaulting customer online. Or you can also write reminder with proper sentence formulation and wording that is friendly, polite and smart and send it to the defaulting customer. Plus, you can check for payment reminder with humor sample online and send that also in a nicely formulated manner mentioning the amount due to be paid by the default customer.

Remember, in this reminder, write reminder you want to be funny, polite, and friendly in its for its template formulation with good wording. Their payment isn’t due or past-due yet, so use it as a prospect to thank them for their enterprise and as a modest way to let them know you’ll be anticipating your request for payment soon. Pfiffige Zahlungserinnerung is equally important in order to avoid business losses.

One Week Before free sample

COMPANY NAME – Invoice due 2024


Hi (Insert Client name)

Thanks again for trusting us to/with CUSTOM. It was a pleasure doing smart business with you. This is just a friendly payment that your smart balance of $XX.XX is due next week on (DATE).

For your convenience, I reattached template in your itemized invoice here (LINK)

Please take a moment to review the template invoice and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Warm regard,




Day-Of Due Date

Next, you’ll want to organize an early morning email or text on the date the invoice is expected. If you charge interest or late fees, be sure to retain a cut-off time, if suitable.

In this communication, you still want to be polite and friendly but include a clear call-to-action to close out their balance by the end of the day. You can also remind them of any smart payment reminder procedures you receive to make it more comfortable for your clients to pay.

Thank You Message free sample

Each time you receive a payment for amount due, it’s advised you send a follow-up “thank you” message to your clients. This will help foster your relationships, facilitate timely payments in the future, confirm receipt of payment, and allow you to ask for a review. However, before asking for a review, make sure the customer is fully satisfied with your services.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1) When should I send a smart payment reminder?

The number of reminder you send will rely on your relationship with your client. However, transmitting another reminder on the due date and the next week, if you have yet to acquire the payment, is advised.

 2) How long should I wait before using a collections agency?

Once the balance is past due with smart payment reminder over 90 days, use the payment owed to help you smart resolve whether a collections agency is worth your time and money. Be sure to let the client know you’ll be seeking further action to collect payment. Text messages like these can be enough to encourage your clients to submit payment for the smart payment reminder—saving you the aggravation of using a collections agency or pursuing legal action for the payment reminder.

3) How do I prevent late payments?

If you’re having a problem with late payments, here are a few easy text smart steps you can execute to incentivize your clients:

  • Set precise payment terms in your client smart contracts
  • Add any interest or costs for late-payments
  • Accept various forms of payment including credit cards and text to pay
  • Consider instant smart invoicing
  • Set smart automated payment reminder


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