5 reasons why you should hire a customs broker to import your car into Canada. 


Importing a car into Canada could be because of many reasons. For example, one can feel the need to drive around in the same old car he/she has been using before moving to Canada. Another reason could be that you want to import a dream car of foreign origin into Canada to use it. 

The next reason is more commercial when one understands the automobile market and has plans to import cars of lesser value abroad, but higher demand in Canada.

Irrespective of the reason why you want to import a car into Canada, the long and tiring customs clearance procedures remain the same. The documentation process is really hectic. 

This is where services like the Clearit Canada car importing service is helpful beyond limits. Such brokers are specialists in handling car import clearance at the customs office. The long line of experience these brokers possess is the main reason why they can pull off the importing process of your car very easily.

The listing below are some points on why you should take the help of a car import broker:

  1. The brokers will be physically present at the border to oversee the import process. This is the major advantage of a car import broker. To have someone help you at the border while importing a car is the biggest positive thing that can happen to you. So imagine the easiness, when that person is an expert in the import clearance process. The broker will assist in every step to ensure a smooth crossing of your car at the border.
  2. The car import brokers will take care of the remittance of duties and taxes at the Canada customs office. Now you will not have to worry about that part being missed out on the hassle. Fundamentally, the brokers are here to help you loosen the stress of handling the documentation of the car importing process.
  3. These brokers also help to register the ARS/ITN numbers. These are the latest tools used by importers to avail the maximum benefits of import duties.
  4. The brokers will assist you in preparing the customs release. Of all the documents prepared for importing your car, a customs release is the most important one.
  5. The customs accounting and documentation is also taken care of by the brokers you hire.

All these services are offered to the customer at the most affordable prices in the market. Every dollar spent on an import broker is going to be worth it to the last penny, without any doubt.

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