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In the digital era, everything becomes digital, and people are working online through remote services so why they carry burden of keeping paper visiting cards. Several application developers think of an alternative to the real business card by developing apps to create digital business cards are more useful than the traditional paper cards. There are various names given to these types of online visiting cards as e-vCards, virtual business card or visiting card, online digital business card or online visiting card. You can create your visiting cards by downloading any app on your Smartphones of android phone, iPhone iOS, iMac or any other laptop. The paper cost is increasing day by day and printing cost is also high due to paper cost is high, so it is important to save money by opting for free electronic business calling card facility.

Customization of electronic Business Cards – 

The greatest part or online electronic business cards is that you can easily customize and update the cards easily and this cannot be possible with paper visiting cards. Whenever any contact details get changed then you have to get your new online business cards printed to share it with your clients. Lot of business card generator outlook apps provide ample space to create various vcards for different purposes and there is no risk of losing your data as it has unlimited data storage capacity. For premium services one must take their subscription plan. This the utmost alternative to the real business card for sharing your contact details like your name, Company name and address, designation, telephone number, website URL, and other contact details. One can add their own photo and colored logo on their electronic business card. There is other facility is there of QR code is also available through QR code generator feature. Create digital calling cards free.

Selection of app for creating electronic business card: 

Online is that platform where you can easily locate best app for creating electronic vcards. Selection of best website outlook application for developing or to generate your organization visiting card is not so difficult. You just have to search for best visiting card generator online and then read the reviews about the app first before using it. It will help you to know more about the application to create free digital business cards. The famous apps are like contact manager or business card generator or scanner are available for your help. There is a provision to generate separate visiting cards for your work contacts and for personal contacts by this way only important details will be shared which whom you want to exchange contact information.

Characteristics of electronic business calling cards: 

The digital business cards are much more flexible than traditional business cards. Digital visiting cards can be edited any time by updating your contact details. DSGVO is the German acronym used for general data protection regulation GDPR. This way your data is secured and saved on the cloud and there is no restriction on data storage.

  1. Electronic business cards help in new working bonds: 

Generally, when you share your traditional business cards then they keep that card in their drawer on their visiting card holder but when they are in need of that vcard then they face challenge in locating that visiting card as they forget your name and details and how to trace it, here electronic visiting card comes into play their magic. Webvisitenkarte is to exchange contact information through Microsoft outlook then that contact details get saved in your mail inbox. Sharing of virtual business vcard is new trend and through this way new contact number immediately gets incorporated into your system. There is another way to share the contact details is through smartphones like iPhone and Android phone which share your every detail like Company name, telephone number, company address, URL of company website and other business information. These online business cards lead to encourage great work bonds.

  1. Electronic business cards are Contactless

The best part of these electronic calling cards is that it can be easily accessed and exchanged with anybody at any time. In this you just have to share the link through a website, WhatsApp message, e-mail, or text message on Smartphones and then you just have to click on the link to access and save the contact then that contact gets saved in your contact list as well as it saved in your Microsoft outlook inbox. The business card generator app provides you QR code which you can show to any of your client or your colleague and when he scans that code then your contact details will appear to him, and he can easily save it on his smartphones like android phone or iphone. In this way these electronic visiting cards are contactless and effortless to be shared with anyone.


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