Some of the Different Kinds of Maintenance Strategy


Machine Maintenance in simple words means looking after the machines and identifying the problems like failures, wear & tear etc. in the machines and correcting the problems. Several maintenance technicians are there who do servicing of the several machines systems and appliances where they use different methods and strategies, when they are working on the machines or the systems. For the technicians to be fruitful in their maintenance work, it is very important for the technician or the maintenance service men to know the different types of methods for maintenance and the ways in which they will be used. In this guide, you will come to know about the difference types of maintenance and its benefits and working.

Preventive Maintenance the Best Types

One of the best types of maintenance, which mostly people like to choose, is the preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance can be described as a form of maintenance, in which the defects or the problems are identified prior to the problems or defects occurring. One of the best things that you will know about this type of maintenance is that, the check up of the machines or appliances are done on a regular basis. Apart from that, if you want to know when these types of maintenance are done, then let me tell you that the check-ups of the machines or appliances are done multiple times in a year. In this type of preventive maintenance, the technicians check the machines or the appliances for any kind of sign of breakdown or wear and tear in the machines or appliances. In addition, once they discover any kind of break or wear or tear, they will then replace the malfunctioning part instantly.

Advantages of Maintenance –

So, one of the biggest advantages of the preventive maintenance work is that it saves the machines or the appliances from the unexpected failure or sudden failure or break down. This can be prevented through this type of preventive maintenance work, which is done regularly. The main merit of this system of maintenance is that it can prevent unwanted failures or unplanned failures in the machines and appliances. One of the most advanced forms of maintenance is known as the condition-based maintenance. If you compare it with preventive maintenance, you will know that this is the latest types of maintenance. It is a alternative of the preventive maintenance. In this type of condition-based maintenance, rather than checking for any kind of wear or tear or breakdowns, the technicians will experiment with the machines and look for any kind of changes.

Condition –Based Maintenance & Connections –

The changes will help the technicians in identifying the mechanical problems or the upcoming failures in the machines or the technology etc. In a condition-based maintenance, the technicians will carefully note the machine functioning and will find out the problems that are affecting the operation of the machines like the problem in the speed, vibrations, power and temperature and much more. Condition based maintenance is closely connected with the predictive maintenance. Let us see how. Instandhaltungsstrategie and more. Predictive maintenance can also be called as one of form of condition-based maintenance. In this system of maintenance, the machine systems are continuously observed through the use of sensor devices. In this type of predictive maintenance, the sensor devices or software is connected with the parts or mechanism of the system or machines and it tells about the data online to the software.

Predictive & Corrective Maintenance –

In the predictive type of maintenance, the software interprets the data and if there is any upcoming issues or mechanical failures, then it will tell the technician of the upcoming danger in the machine or the failure in the machine. Predictive maintenance is one of the latest types of maintenance, as there is plethora of data for the software to interpret. In addition, the sensor devices also need a regular check up. Another type of maintenance, which is like a, ‘stitch in time, saves nine’, is the corrective maintenance. Corrective maintenance is a type of maintenance in which the problems of mechanical nature and others is identified just in the right time. For example,. a technician is working on a computer system and suddenly there is some other problems that the technician detects with the CPU or a new problem is detected just in time.

Suggestions and Data in Predetermined Maintenance –

Last form or type of maintenance is Predetermined maintenance. In predetermined maintenance, there are suggestions and some rules that is created by the original manufacturer and not the team of technicians. The suggestions are made on the basis of the experiments and information collected. The machine that you have bought will contain those suggestions and information and the life span of the machine and details about its various parts and services and when the machine parts should be replaced? etc.


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