How to Plan a Successful Office Renovation


Renovation requires precise know-how. Everyone who embarks on this work requires knowledge of very different fields and a reasonably high mastery and confidence. The best solution is always to trust the Best office interior designer in Singapore, specialised in renovation and office planning design. Many deal with individual projects. Generally, renovation techniques can vary from one service provider to another, and above all, depending on the building in question.

To find a renovation expert, you can use the internet, social networks, and word of mouth. It will be easier to find a trustworthy provider by relying on the opinions of former customers or even people in your circle more or less close. Do not hesitate to contact your renovation professional directly to ask them questions about your renovation project.

The advantages of renovation

The renovation has many advantages that often take precedence over construction. First, you should know that renovating allows you to save money.

  1. List your needs:

Undoubtedly the most important of all, if you are renovating your business premises, you must list your needs in terms of area and destination of each room. This approach will allow you to highlight the important points and give you some clues on the arrangements that will be essential to you.

  1. Standards:

The corporate space planning to be observed is much more important than they appear. The main ones are fire safety, the labor code, and accessibility standards for people with reduced mobility. 

  1. The meaning of work:

Organising your premises accordingly can be a double-edged sword. Still, it can also increase your employees’ productivity (the physical rapprochement between two departments working together is vital to be considered).

  1. Administrative authorisations:

Do not forget to declare before the work you are planning in your project. Note that the use of the architect will be mandatory.

  1. No longer think on the surface, but in volume!

And yes, think in terms of available volume, take advantage of your available heights for storage and archiving to maximise (or even optimise) your available space.

  1. The ceiling height:

Increasing the ceiling height will increase the volume and the feeling of space in your offices, so raise the ceilings. A height of 280 cm is a significant plus compared to the traditional 250 cm. Conversely, a height of less than 240 cm will give a feeling of oppression and minimise the surface area of ​​your premises.

  1. “Think” about the comfort of your employees:

The comfort of your employees must be your priority, both in their workspaces and in their rest areas. More and more companies are setting up personalised rest areas (“nap” room, gym, spacious restroom with access to video games). The coffee machine down the hall, in a dark place, it’s over. Also, remember to work on the ergonomics of workstations; comfortable seats, good worktops are essential today.

  1. Natural light:

Bringing in natural light should be one of your concerns during this renovation. Visual comfort is increased thanks to natural light, which, compared to artificial light, contributes to the concentration and well-being of your employees.

  1. “Think” about the reception of your visitors:

This is also about the image of your company. Do not lock your visitors in a dark and poorly decorated waiting room. Offer an open, bright space with modern and comfortable furniture.

  1. The decoration of your workspaces:

This will be the image of your company, avoid bright, aggressive colors, and favor pastel tones (never more than three colors in the same room). Do not hesitate to allow your employees to personalize their workspaces. A few carefully chosen plants should not be ruled out. Finally, never forget that an office renovation contractor can assist you in all stages of the renovation of your offices. Do not forget to consult them for all your projects; their professional advice can be invaluable to you.   




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