How to optimise your Amazon Store for mobile?



Amazon gives the power to businesses to build their brands by launching and highlighting their products in its space. Despite receiving the opportunity to create a seller account, optimistic businesses zealous about creating a brand are embracing Amazon’s storefront. A recent statistic confers Amazon store creation can leap sales to up to 70% among the increasing rate of mobile users. According to ace Amazon consultantsyour goal to create a brand and increase revenue generation can be only done by creating an Amazon store and optimising it for mobile devices. 

If you still can’t get what an Amazon store is then you must know that Amazon stores are multipage brand websites created on Amazon marketplace to display the curated collections of products for a company. Brand owners can avail of this service without paying anything extra. This is a fully-fledged website that brands run on Amazon for increasing brand awareness, and sales, building a customer base by obtaining their trust and mentioning their value proposition. 

Here, some points are discussed to optimise your Amazon store for mobile

Consult with an Amazon seller consulting expert

Hiring an Amazon seller consulting expert should be the first thing any business should do. When you aim in achieving higher goals by launching your brand’s store on Amazon then the professional guidance of an ace Amazon consultant is essential. Ecommerce is a highly volatile market and the existing Amazon sellers know how challenging it is to work in utter unpredictability amid the massive success of online selling and shopping. Teaming up with a strategist in the first place will keep your business on the safer side. 

Focus on Product Placement


Focusing on product placement will be rewarding. Before the account manager opts for strategic listing optimization on Amazon, make sure you have teamed up with the developers and placed the bestselling products in the first place with nice product descriptions. Design the categories according to the importance of the products. Put the stellar products or the newly launched items on the first page with a chic animated banner to grab the attention of interested customers.  

Do strategic Amazon SEO & content marketing


Investing in strategic Amazon SEO will increase the visibility of your store. It will also help to improve the ranking on Amazon by receiving more traffic organically. 

Opt for Amazon A+ content marketing ideal for mobile optimising your store. Interested buyers would appreciate having a detailed product description and about the brand while exploring the store. Check that the visibility of the store is clear for smartphone users.


Optimise the images & Upload more videos


To optimise your store for mobile users, you need to upload more images and videos of the products. Ask the marketing team to provide you with professional Amazon product photography and video services for boosting the sales of your products. 

The 360-degree photos of the products and videos about the products create an instant impact on potential buyers. Also, work on your focus banner with life-like images and animations to drive more mobile-using traffic to the store.  



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