How to add volume to thin or limp hair – Pro stylist tips


Having thin, limp locks drag down your style. But don’t reach for extensions just yet there are many tricks to pump up the volume, even if you have naturally fine hair. The right haircut is the basis for boosting volume. Layers are key for removing weight and creating movement. Ask your stylist for face-framing layers and short-to-mid-length layers throughout. Choppy ends also help reduce bulk. Go for a blunt cut if your hair is stuck straight. Curly or wavy textures look best with soft layers cut to encourage curl formation. Avoid combing curls out!

Style upside down 

How you style and apply products makes a huge difference. Flip your head upside down while blow drying to get hair root lift at the scalp. Use a large round brush to smooth and turn strands under as you dry. This creates lots of body right at the crown. Finish by spritzing hairspray onto roots and avoiding heavy product on ends. Upside-down styling with heat protects against flat hair. Using the wrong products drags flat hair down. Volumizing mousse is a must for boosting roots look for lightweight, collagen-infused formulas that won’t leave a residue. Similarly, sea salt sprays add texture and grip to smooth strands so they don’t fall limp. Pre-styling thermal protectants and dry shampoos also prevent oil-based flatness and add grit. Apply product to the roots and avoid weighing down the ends.

If your hair is long, the weight stretches out waves and accentuates fineness. Lob, collarbone, or shoulder-length cuts remove bulk so hair bounces rather than fall flat. Have your stylist add short face-framing layers around the chin and neck. They make hair pop away from the head for a fuller appearance all over. For curly hair, shoulder-length cuts allow curls to sprout up and out instead of dragging down.

Don’t over-shampoo

Frequent shampooing strips hair of natural oils that add thickness and texture. Limit cleansing to 2-3 times per week max, and use dry shampoo on other days. Choose volumizing, sulfate-free shampoos that won’t leave residue. Condition just the mid-shafts and ends, avoiding the roots, to prevent flatness up top. Let hair air or towel dry before styling for volume. Heat styling works better on hair that isn’t freshly washed.

Curl your ponytail with a curling iron or finger waves before gathering it into an elastic. Tease the ponytail base with a comb for added lift. Pancaking the length of your ponytail and gently pulling apart the strands also adds body and movement. Add texturizing spray before messily pulling up hair – don’t smooth too tightly.

Heatless rollers, waves, or buns while you sleep build in volume, bend, and movement. Make waves with twisted bantu knots or textured braids. Roll sections of dry hair onto soft velcro or foam rollers. Pin all your hair into a top knot. Secure with a silk scarf to wake up with a root lift. These overnight tricks train hair salons fort lauderdale to stay fuller when styling the next day.

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