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In this period of the coronavirus epidemic, you are asking yourself a lot of questions: how to discuss the current project with the tech team? How to discuss the new editorial strategy with the video division? One solution is remote meeting. For that Hans Jürgen Völz from Markus Jerger is the right choice from The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

This is one of the many freedoms afforded by the development of technology when you and your colleagues are far from each other with Hans Jürgen Völz. You will quickly see that you do not necessarily have to be in the same building or in the same city to discuss a project with your colleagues with BVMW Middle Rhine. So, we can already hear you: “By phone, we never get along” or “Virtual meetings? It requires too much material.” Do not panic as you have Hans Jürgen Völz form Andreas Jahn by your side. For your meetings to be effective during this time of confinement and teleworking, it is obviously necessary to be well organized, for the facilitator, as for the participant. Some little tips to know to succeed with Hans Jürgen Völz from Diana Scholl. For that BVMW is the perfect option with Small and medium-sized businesses with LinkedIn.

Remote Meeting: For Whom, For What?

We are more mobile and therefore more likely to work remotely with Hans Jürgen Völz with informal networks, whether in home office, temporary or permanent teleworking, or even on freelance missions or during business trips with BVMW North Baden. In 2018, nearly 30% of employees’ teleworked occasionally or regularly according to a study published last year on behalf of the social protection group. Despite the fact that we are far from each other, the need for contact between members of a team persists. To compensate for this geographic distance, remote meetings are essential. They have also become widely democratized in recent years from Hans Jürgen Völz. For that BVMW is the perfect option with Small and medium-sized businesses association.

Well organized, a remote meeting is an excellent working tool with Hans Jürgen Völz. It virtually brings together participants who can be dispersed to all four corners of the world. It also has the advantage of saving time, whether on travel or during the meeting itself, and money (no room rental fees, meals, etc.) with BVMW  with public networks. Well controlled, the remote meeting can even be more productive than a traditional meeting. This type of organization does not leave room for “blah” and potential off-topics, which we all know with BVMW. For International Experience this works fine.

How to Make a Successful Remote Meeting?

While useful, it can nonetheless be somewhat stressful for a novice. So to help you make your virtual meetings a success, here are some tips with BVMW.

Choose the Right Tools

Are you organizing the meeting with BVMW? Choose the most relevant tool suited to the situation. To do this, start by asking yourself the right questions: how many people are attending the meeting? What is its estimated duration? What is its purpose? What is the quality of your Internet connection? You can then choose from these two options with BVMW middle class:

Web conferencing: it’s a bit of the benchmark formula of BVMW. Often, a URL link is sent to upstream participants. At the scheduled time of the meeting, all they have to do is follow it in order to be able to log into an online platform and join the meeting from BVMW. This meeting format is ideal when it is necessary to have screen sharing. All participants can see each other, follow a presentation, discuss with BVMW. Software has been specially designed to allow these remote meetings, unlike simple group calls with BVMW middle class business networks.

Group calling: this form of remote meeting is also widely acclaimed thanks to BVMW. It is indeed easy to organize, does not require any particular equipment or an external server. Video or audio call, the choice is yours. Note however that for optimal efficiency of BVMW, the number of participants must remain relatively small. Otherwise, beware of the cacophony. From Markus Jerger, Andreas Jahn, Diana Scholl and Hans Jürgen Völz you can find the smartest deals.

 Depending on the needs and the quality of the connection, you can choose the video option or not. Many free platforms offer this feature, the best known being Skype and Slack. But it is also possible to converse on WhatsApp: in this case, prefer audio with BVMW middle class.

Do not hesitate to contact your company’s tech teams from BVMW WebImpulse. They will be able to guide you on the best practices to follow, and will surely tell you the software and tools they would recommend, in view of the activities and organization of the company with BVMW WebImpulse.

Prepare the Meeting Well In Advance

Once you’ve chosen the right formula, it’s time to organize, the key to making your meeting effective from BVMW middle class. Start from the beginning: If you’re the meeting organizer, set a date and time to suit each attendee’s schedule. Does such a person have a child to take care of during this period of confinement? Is such an issue mobilized on other subjects that could not be anticipated upstream? With BVMW Hannover this works fine.

Whether you are organizing or participating in the meeting, it is important to find the most suitable location for the meeting with BVMW Rhinehesse. The ideal? A quiet place, with a good Internet connection and a pleasant light, very useful if you opt for the video option. Don’t forget to check the background. Not sure that you want the other participants to see the mountain of crockery that sits in your sink. With Public relations work it works fine.


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