Choosing the Best Commercial Garage Door for Your Business


Once you start searching garage doors for your facility, you will understand how it is an entirely different process as compared to the residential garage doors. The residential garage doors have the sole purpose of making your property look great while commercial garage doors have a lot more to offer. A business chooses a garage door based on different parameters and it is an extremely time-consuming process. Factors like functionality, energy efficiency, and maintenance play an important role in the final purchase. 

So here is a guide to help you pick the right garage door for your business:

Aluminum glass doors

These are best suited for the fire stations, service stations, retail environments, and professional facilities. The businesses find them visually attractive to install as they come with added visual access, light infiltration as well as aesthetics. These key design considerations help businesses to turn their mundane workplaces into bright spaces. The doors are available in a wide range of widths, track styles, glazing materials, and finishes. These doors are extremely practical installations that are durable and low maintenance.

High-speed metal doors

These doors are the perfect pick for warehouses, manufacturing plants or distribution centres. These businesses normally open or close their doors multiple times a day and hence these doors are the best. They have an open speed of about 80-inches per second and the work gets done rather quickly with this. They are highly secure and can maintain the temperature optimally. They are designed without springs and this makes them low maintenance.

Sectional steel doors

These doors must be picked at places that are heavy-duty commercial areas or have industrial businesses with massive traffic. They offer good protection in places that have heavy machinery put to use. They are both durable and reliable and the doors are available in a wide profile of panels, tracks, and hardware. They can be both insulated and non-insulated.

Fire-rated doors

These doors are perfect for absolutely any form of commercial facility. These doors will close automatically in case of a fire outbreak or an alarm. These kinds of doors prevent the fire from spreading and also save everybody who is inside. There are multiple rolling and opening sizes available.

Choose the best doors for your facility today from the Garex insulated garage doors collection that promises the best insulation and security in your budget.  

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